Links to Researchers & Cult Experts

Ever since the early 80s when I came in contact with a woman by the name of Joan who came to me for counseling and told me her story of her family being involved in SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).

I’ll never forget that day. Her husband was a professor at Messiah College, and she and her husband attended a fellowship in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. We became good friends, and today she walks in freedom, giving glory to God and to her Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Since that time I’ve researched different types of Christian counseling, some good and some not so good. Now and then someone comes to me whose been abused in some way because the person doing the counseling told them they were a Christian and did Christian counseling, or they had a Christian prayer ministry. But, ended up being spiritually abused.

So, I want to pass on to you some good links to researchers and cult experts.

Anne Raverty is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach First Responder with the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC; IBCC). I’m also a Certified Marriage and Family Coach and Certified Life Coach with International Board of Christian Care.

Anne Raverty is an advocate for victims and survivors of cults and other coercive-control groups. She is passionate about social justice and the protection of human rights.

Raverty happily writes about the basic human rights of free thinking, diversity, liberation from the false freedom and oppression of the cults, and a return to the authentic, free and dynamic you!

Here’s some good links to researchers and cult experts.

Links to Support & Community For Sozo Victims

Links to Publicatons About Memory Regression

Links to Publications About Spiritual Abuse

Links To Articles About New Age & Mysticism

Visit Anne Ravtery’s site for more articles and info.


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