30 Days of Thankfulness

30 Days of Saying Thanks: Taking Your Thankfulness to the Next Level

Around this time of year, our Facebook feeds get flooded with updates as well as photos of things our family and friends are grateful for. And it’s just natural: Each November brings back memories to look back on from the previous year to recount just how much the Father has given and provided for us.

But what would happen if this year we took our thankfulness to the next level? Suppose we went from simply posting pictures of things to really impacting people’s lives with our thankfulness?

You’re asking yourself, “How can I do that?”

Simple. After giving thanks to God for whatever it is you’re grateful for, take 2 seconds and also say thanks to the person that made it possible. Since all good and perfect gifts come from the Father of lights, those blessings normally come through the kind and wonderful people in our lives.

So this month, I encourage you to take your thankfulness one step further. After saying “thank you” to God, next let’s turn to the person and say “thank you” to them as well.

  • The meal your friend made for you? Send a quick thank-you note to the person who made it.

  • Your weekly paycheck? Personally thank your employer for giving you a job.

  • A peaceful Sunday morning of worship? Thank the Sunday School teachers and nursery workers who take their time to watch all the kids.

  • The groceries someone delivers to your house? Thank the person who goes to the grocery store and picks up your groceries and delivers them to you.

  • The pizza you ordered? Thank the delivery person who delivers your pizza.

  • The garage guy? Thank the mechanic who keeps your car running in tip top shape.

At first, this might seem weird, but picture in your mind what a difference you would make in the lives of people around you if you deliberately thanked them every day. Since thankfulness multiplies and also sends extra thanksgivings to the throne room of God when we share our thankfulness with others.

“When we thank God for His gifts, let’s also thank those
He uses as well”

Let’s remember to thank God first, and then let’s thank the people who His blessings come through.

I didn’t come up with the list below but copied and pasted it because it has great ideas to get you thinking about who you can say, “thank you” to.

  1. Thank your employer for providing a job.
  2. Thank the person bagging your groceries.
  3. Thank your pastor for leading the church and preaching the Gospel.
  4. Thank someone who has been kind to you this week.
  5. Thank your garbage collector.
  6. Thank someone who isn’t expecting thanks.
  7. Thank someone living with you (cookies are always a nice touch).
  8. Thank the next customer service representative you speak with.
  9. Thank someone who has prayed for you.
  10. Thank an author whose books have impacted you.
  11. Thank your elementary school teacher.
  12. Thank someone who’s been on your mind but you haven’t thanked yet.
  13. Thank someone who has watched out for you in the past.
  14. Thank a custodian for tirelessly cleaning other people’s messes.
  15. Thank the person who taught you to cook.
  16. Thank your Sunday School teacher (either yours from childhood or your kids’).
  17. Thank the person who first taught you how to handle your finances.
  18. Thank someone who has been mean to you.
  19. Thank your family doctor.
  20. Thank your neighbor for the first thing that comes to mind.
  21. Thank someone who doesn’t hear a lot of thanks.
  22. Thank the person who helped you get your first job.
  23. Thank an artist whose music leads you in worship.
  24. Thank the person who first introduced you to Jesus.
  25. Thank your mail delivery person.
  26. Thank your congress representative.
  27. Thank your worship leader.
  28. Thank a friend for being your friend.
  29. Thank your local police or fire department.
  30. Thank someone who has nurtured your faith.

Who will you say “thank you” to this month?

Will you join me starting
November 1, for the

30 Days of Thanks Challenge
and start a thanks-giving revolution!


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