Reclaiming Biblical Meditation

Biblical meditation is the one specific way of receiving spiritual peace, grace, and also purpose, yet lots of Christians reject Biblical meditation as an Eastern religious thing.

David Ray, an author, and also minister use to believe Christians that promoted Biblical meditation were out of touch with the truth. But when a person presented him with the concepts of Biblical meditation he became more aware of God’s presence than ever before.

As you take your journey of exploring Biblical meditation find time to be still and meditate on God’s goodness as well as His beauty. You will certainly discover it’s time well spent.

This Weeks Verse Is:

‘Be still, and know that I am God’ – Psalm 46:10

Write it down and find time today to let it sink into your heart.



What I find that helps me fall asleep is I meditate on a verse from the bible that the Holy Spirit quickens to me. Instead of (meditating) on my problems I choose to focus on my God and His Word to me.

Later on you will find out something of the huge difference between other forms of meditation and Biblical meditation. The vital part played by God’s Spirit in meditation and as well as, most important how Jesus goes to the heart of all of it. May you find joy on your journey!


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