Thankful for Natural Resources that Power and Illuminate Our Lives

The media often refers to an energy crisis, or depleting energy reserves, on our planet.

The growing population of humans, all of whom suck up large quantities of energy with the various structures and systems that run our lives and offer daily conveniences, are sapping our planet of its natural resources – namely crude oil which powers our coal and natural gas-driven lives.

And yet, humans have come this far in learning how to harness the power of our planet to make our existence more comfortable and convenient.

Is energy really finite? Is there really a crisis? Or is energy just a circle, and it’s now time to tap a different source of energy here on planet Earth.

Instead of having a fatalistic attitude toward energy resources on our planet, why not show gratitude for things we don’t often think about, such as water, and air, and light from the sun, that can deliver electric power to our homes and places of business, heat or cool the indoor environments where we live, work and play.

There is still much to be discovered about renewable energy and alternate power sources to help sustain life on our planet as we know it.

How much do you know about electric power and where it’s sourced from?

What are your feelings on nuclear energy?

Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Thankful for energy sources

Today, give thanks for the natural resources of our planet.

Spend some time reading up on power plants, how they’ve functioned in the past, and how they can continue to power our homes, places of business, schools, hospitals, government buildings and more.

Write down some facts about how energy is used and re-used on our planet. Learn something new today.

How does the heat that warms your home in the winter, arrive there? What’s the originating source for the energy? What process is followed?

Write down what you learn, and share it with someone who may not be aware.

Day 15: Thankful for Difficult People


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