Thankful for Our Furry and Feathered Friends

There’s no doubt about it. People love their pets.

Today we’ll give thanks for our furry, feathered and four-legged friends who bring us joy and soothe our souls with their peaceful and loving ways.

Do you have a dog, cat, or other type of pet? Or might you have several of them?

Pets need us, and we need them.

Pets show us love, affection and loyalty without expecting anything more than the bare minimum of food, water and shelter from us.

Oh, and they occasionally hope to play ball, go outside for a walk, or indulge in a nice belly rub. All of which are pretty nice things to share together!

Pets provide emotional comfort by way of their unconditional love and affection for us. For the depressed or anxious, having a dog or cat to love and care for can be extremely beneficial and healing. It’s said that petting a dog or cat helps to calm our nervous system, slows a rapid pulse, and brings blood pressure down.

The act of caring for a pet can increase brain activity for an elderly person and slow the mental decline that comes with aging.

Are you a friend of the local animal shelter?

Many pets need foster homes from people who are able to care for them properly.

You don’t necessarily have to own a pet to make a difference in the life of a dog, cat or other type of pet.

Pet shelters are always in need of volunteers, people to clean out animal cages, give food and water, provide outdoor time, walks, pets and treats.

Isaiah 43:20 – “The wild animals in the fields will thank me, the jackals and owls, too, for giving them water in the desert. Yes, I will make rivers in the dry wasteland so my chosen people can be refreshed.”

Give thanks for your pet today.

Write down a journal entry dedicated to your pet or pets.

If you don’t have a dog, cat, bird or other critter in your midst at present, think back to a time when you did.

Do you ever feel badly about having to leave your dog alone in the house for several hours at a time?

And yet, your dog forgives all in a heartbeat, greeting you after a long time apart, with wildly wagging tail, wiggles and glad smiles.

Maybe you’re a cat person. What does your feline friend do that amuses and delights you?

Cats are curious creatures, often funny, spunky and with quirky personalities.

They teach us about independence, affection and the need for plenty of naps and down-time!

Describe your fondest memories of a cherished pet that you were privileged to know in your lifetime.

Day 13: Thankful for Freedom of Expression


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