Thankful for Life’s Precious Gifts

Hi there… if you’re still following along with the 30 Days Thankful Challenge, that’s wonderful! We’re so happy to have you here for our final week of gratitude exercises.

Viewing life as a gift opens the door to better relationships, stronger communities and greater success and happiness.

What does this mean exactly? It means that when we cultivate a spirit of gratitude, we attract others who embody this same sentiment.

People who view the world negatively tend to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you approach a situation with a poor attitude, thinking that everything’s going to go wrong, then it probably will.

If you say negative things about yourself, then this is the picture of you that people are going to have.

If you criticize other people, or put them down, or fail to give credit, or don’t often extend courtesy and benefit of the doubt, then your relationship are going to suffer and you’ll attract friends who also tend toward pessimistic thinking and negative behavior.

Of course, no one can be 100% positive all the time. Anyone who is never caught having a downer of a day or being pessimistic now and then is not giving themselves the healthy release of a good venting session.

Also, if we’re unwilling to face our own weaknesses, or if we’re unwilling to admit that there may be problems, then we’ll never be able to fix those problems.

So, seeing life as a gift is something that definitely requires some fine tuning. No, not every day is a gift.

But if you live in a first world country, and you’re healthy, and you have a happy home, and you go to school or a good job that pays your way through life… and you enjoy the privileges that most Americans typically indulge in… then your days really are, for the most part, a blessing and a gift!

Become mindful of all
of life’s precious gifts.

Mindfulness requires us to slow down, and that can be quite difficult in today’s fast-paced world.

The smart phone constantly beckons, with its temptations and its demands.

The thing is, you have a right to take things at your own pace. You have a right to enjoy all of life’s privileges as a full sensory experience.

Being mindful of all of life’s beauty really does require a repose from the technology.

Next time a Facebook alert pops up… ignore it. Instead, go outside and spend ten minutes breathing the fresh, clean air.

Next time your pet comes to your hoping for attention, pause for a pet, a belly rub and a scratch behind the ears. (For your pet, not for you, silly!)

Next time your child says, “I have a funny joke to tell you!” drop whatever you’re doing, give your full attention and get ready to belly-laugh.

THESE ordinary moments are the most precious ones that make life a gift worth holding close to your heart.

Each day, engage in five acts of mindfulness where you take time to appreciate the gifts you’ve been given.

What made you feel happy today? What were you blessed with? Journal it.

Day 26: Thankful for Our Mentors


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