Thankful for Special Memories

Today is day 21 of the 30 Days Thankful Challenge. Your challenge is to be grateful for special memories.

It’s harder these days to make memories than it used to be. That may not seem to make sense, but hear us out.

Yes, the memories we make today are caught in so very many pictures and videos, thousands of them every single year, on our computers and smart phones.

And yet, even with so much of our lives captured and shared on social media… how many of us are truly present, 100% mindful, for the small but meaningful moments that occur in our busy and distracted lives?

Think back to memories made when you were a child. Maybe even pull out an old family photo album or scrapbook.

When you see those lovely moments captured on film, what sorts of feelings are evoked?

Do you have tattered old photos of your grandma holding you as a baby? What other moments do those old Polaroids take you back to?

What about memories of your own babies, if you have children. Remember being an expectant mom for the first time? How excited and delighted you felt… how enraptured with every kick and roll and rumble of life growing inside of your belly.

Will family memories of tomorrow be as peaceful as the ones we have today?

What can we do to make sure that is the case?

Give thanks for memories
past and future.

On day 21 of the 30 Days Thankful Challenge, we’re feeling grateful for the beautiful memories of life that color our minds and fill our hearts with gladness.

Today, remember the happy moments of your past and present life. Also remember the sad or angry moments, for those hold great power of change for you.

If your memories take you to someplace unpleasant, consider how your strongest traits may have developed as a result of this experience.

Sit with the good and bad memories. Be okay with them, and with the person you have become.

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