Thankful for the Morning

Welcome to Day 20.

Morning is a special time for busy people. While some love mornings, others loathe them.

What are your mornings like? Do you start each day by firing up the computer, checking email and logging into social media?

Does your smart phone accompany you to the bathroom for your morning routine?

What if instead of plugging into technology first thing in the morning, you gave your body, mind and spirit permission to awaken fully present, with complete and total sensory awareness of your surroundings?

Morning is a beautiful, peaceful time. Anyone who has the privilege of starting their day with the sunrise knows that sense of renewed vigor, of possibilities dancing on the fresh morning air.

Is your morning spent sipping a hot cup of coffee from your porch, listening to the birds twitter their bright and cheerful hellos?

Does your morning begin by taking your dog for a walk? If not… this is a wonderful way to greet the day, and your pooch will be so very appreciative.

The quiet of morning gives us a brief opportunity to center ourselves and set plans in motion for the busy day ahead.

For many people, early morning offers a head start to kick off various tasks of the day. Being able to check off certain items before the rest of the world kicks into high production mode, is a wonderful thing.

Not everyone can stomach mornings… so be thankful if you’re someone who can, for you’ve given yourself a running head start!

Morning Musings and Meditations

If you don’t care for mornings, what’s your reason? Do you like this about yourself, or do you wish you were more of a morning person?

Write out your feelings about morning and why you like or dislike it.

One interesting observation about mornings is that they become more enjoyable when we’re able to exert more control over our own schedules – for example, working for ourselves or having a flexible schedule, rather than being forced to wake up and be on time for our job every day.

What do you think could turn your feelings around about morning, and why?

Some experts say that getting a full day’s worth of sunlight helps us sleep better at night by increasing melatonin production.

Have you ever tried to reset your body clock? One way could be waking up extra early one day, even though you may have gone to bed at a late hour the night before.

If you’ve always wanted to fit in exercise, morning could be a great time to do it. It’s said that morning is the best time to exercise, having a positive effect on hormone production.

Start your early day with a brisk walk or maybe some yoga salutations to the sun.

If you’d like to increase your own productivity, morning could be a great time to do it. Write down some things you could accomplish in the quiet, early hours of the day. This can be the start of your morning goal-setting ritual, which could lead to great things for you!

Want more free time in your day? Morning could be the perfect opportunity for you to work on whatever it is that’s important to you. So write it down! What would you like to accomplish?

Day 21: Thankful for Special Memories


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