Thankful for Those Who Serve

Thank you for Serving

Thanks for joining us on Day 17 of the 30 Days Thankful Challenge.

Today we’re focusing on people who have dedicated their lives to serving others. Said another way, people helping people.

In our society, we have so many humans working jobs in the manner of machines. It’s gotten so commonplace that we don’t even think about these folks and the daily sacrifices they make.

Many, many individuals give of their time, energy and resources performing demanding jobs for long hours, sometimes also for low pay or even on a volunteer basis.

Think about nurses who work the late shift at the hospital who take care of the ill and maimed who have lost their ability to do basic functions such as walk from here to there, use the bathroom, and keep themselves clean.

This is an incredibly selfless job that woman around the world perform willingly in the name of helping others.

What about the truck drivers who keep commerce running… those people who dedicate their lives to being stuck behind the wheel of a huge vehicle for long hours so that cross-country deliveries can make it to their destination on time. Many of these folks don’t bother to drink liquids so they won’t have to stop on the road.

Think about the police force… those men and women who willingly place themselves in harm’s way every day to keep our neighborhoods, towns, schools and roadways free from crime and danger.

Or those who keep up with necessary training for their fire fighter ambulance driver and paramedic jobs… on-call emergency work that requires people to be available, ready and willing to act quickly in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

What about factory workers, or farmers? These are the people who give of their time every day to make sure there is food on our tables.

There are people in the world performing monotonous tasks each day for tragically low pay, so that here in our wealthy country, we get to enjoy endless choices of things to buy.

Tipping Our Hats to
Those Who Serve

Today, give some thought to the people who perform services that enhance our lives, teach our children, protect our families, care for our sick, and keep our world running smoothly to provide amenities and conveniences for all to enjoy and live more comfortably.

Do you perform a service job? Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back today.

Whether you work as a hospital nurse, teacher, police man, day care worker, nursing home aide, crossing guard, or any other type of service related job, you are doing incredible work for the community, so take a moment to be appreciated.

If you do not work in a service job, surely you must know someone who does. Write down all the ways this person contributes to the comfort, safety, happiness and well-being of others.

Got an extra thank-you card lying around? Why not take it a step further, and pen a sincerely thank-you to the person in your life who works hard and puts in long hours helping others.

Day 18: Thankful for Amazing Technology and its Power for Good


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