Praying Through Cancer

Set Your Heart Free from Fear: A 90-Day Devotional for Women

You don’t have to face cancer alone.

Traumatized and terrified of cancer? Perhaps you have been diagnosed yourself, or you have a friend or family member who is battling with the disease.

You know you must face it—but you do not have to face it alone. Praying Through Cancer is a collection of stories by women who have faced cancer and, with triumphant spirits, found comfort and sometimes even joy in the midst of it.

For these women, cancer was a comma, not a period, in the sentences of their lives.

Why? Because they put their faith in the Lord and He strengthened them beyond comprehension. You will laugh and you will cry, but best of all, you will know . . . you are not alone.

I used this book as I went through the cancer treatments.

There’s more to me than being a breast cancer survivor. Even though I was diagnosed with a fast growing type of breast cancer— I didn’t want the cancer to consume my life. I didn’t want to see cancer with a big “C” but with a little “c”.

“Therefore, God elevated him (Christ) to the place of highest honor and gave him (Christ) the name above all other names. . . ( Philippians 2:9)

That Scripture says to me that cancer was not going to be honored in my life and instead of seeing cancer with a big  “C” I saw it as a little “c” and Christ was and is the big “C”—  the name above all other names, even cancer.

Because the cancer was fast-growing, chemotherapy treatments were every other week, for 28 weak, and then radiation for three months.

I had wonderful doctors and nurses who where so kind and compassionate.

But reading this book was encouraging and inspiring and these women had walked the same path I was walking.  I knew I was not alone.

Yes— sometimes I cried.

Other times I laughed.

And best of all I knew I was not alone— I experienced comfort and joy on my  journey through breast cancer. That was in 2011 and today I am cancer free.

One woman say,

I am a 37 year old that has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. A good friend of mine found this book and gave it to me.

I can’t begin to tell you how comforted I feel while reading through these pages. God is speaking to me through these words and whispering that He is right here with me on this journey.

I still have my moments when I feel scared, but when they hit, I reach for “Praying Through Cancer” and in moments I feel His presence and all of the comforting words of women who have been through this before me. God Bless you for such a beautiful book

Pick your book up Praying Through Cancer” today.


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