Journaling to Help You Thrive in Your Spiritual Life

“To speak with God . . . How impossible. Yet, did not
our fathers and mothers in the faith do so?”

A spiritual journal is a tool that helps us to remember, to probe, to understand, and to question our lives. As we journal it’s one way we can grow and thrive spiritually.

One reason to keep a journal is it’s a wonderful tool for nurturing our spiritual lives. By keeping a spiritual journal it will help form a God-centered worldview as we tackle ideas and learn to think more from a Christ-centered view.

Our journals give us tool for discerning the presence of the indwelling life of Christ in us, around us, and in other people. Also journaling aids us in:

  • Bible Study: As you study the Bible you can take notes on a verse or passage, write down what you observe, write down any questions, and meditate on the passage.

  • Prayer: You can write down your prayer requests. note other people’s prayers as you learn to pray, and listen to what God is speaking to you.

  • Meditation: As you reflect and ponder on your life and Bible study you can write those thoughts down in your journal.

  • Confession: There’s a place to journal about we tell God what we’ve done wrong and what we’ve left undone.

Why are Journals such a Powerful Force for Spiritual Change?

First, as we work with our journals we put our thoughts, feelings, issues, and concerns in words on a page. Just writing something down helps make it clearer in our minds and keeps us honest.

Second, writing and reading what we’ve written in our journals forces us to see and face ourselves, as our lives are unfolding in real-time. Working in a journal gives us time for growth because spiritual growth doesn’t come instantly.

Third, keeping a journal gives us a written record so that we know where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we’re going.

Knowing our past, helps us understand the present better and gives us a clearer picture of how to prepare for our future.

In conclusion, journaling helps us know our stories because everyone has one. As we journal, we connect together the various parts of our personal story. In understanding our journey, we come to know who God wants us to be and what we are called to do.

We come to see and understand what talents and gifts we’ve been given and how to use them for God’s glory. We unearth questions that only God can answer. We see more clearly the choices that align with God’s purposes. In knowing our stories, we come to know God more deeply. It’s not just head knowledge but a genuine growing relationship with the one true God of the Bible.

What a GREAT gift!


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