Prayerfully Celebrate Who Jesus is TO You!

The words I share with you below caused me to praise Christ Jesus and who he is to me today.

May they bless you as much as they blessed me.

The words below are from the Christ is NOW site.

Father, we come to you to proclaim the name of your Son together–to spread his fame, embrace his reign, increase his gain and honor his claim about who he is to us.

As we do, awake us to him afresh to ALL that he is. May the praise we bring to him in these moments come forth alive in us by your Spirit and rise up as a blessing to you forever.

We use your Word to magnify your Son, without whom we are nothing and can do nothing. This tribute is all for Christ alone, our one and only hope of glory and the hope of all the nations.

Christ is NOW!

Like John, we stand in awe of your face shining like the sun. We behold your eyes like flames of fire. We hear your voice like the thunder of mighty water. We are as dead men before you.

We declare you to be to us Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, the First and the Last. Before Abraham was, you always were. We have no other past but you; we want no other future but you. This is who you are to us, as well as to all the nations.

Christ is NOW!

To us you are the one who fulfills the royal praises in Psalm 45, which declares that you are most excellent, anointed with grace, God-blessed forever. In your majesty you ride forth victoriously. Your throne will last forever and ever. You are anointed joy, with robes fragrant with the glory of God.

You are almighty. Supreme. Majestic. Wonder-filled. Incomparable. We behold you, Lord Jesus, at the center of the Father’s throne, with myriads of angels proclaiming you as worthy, worthy, worthy.

This tribute expresses only a small part of the inexhaustible riches of who you are TO us and all peoples.

So, Father: Here is how we celebrate your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in this hour. We exalt him. We exult in him. We do so because of all he is to us — now.

Therefore, everything we are and have, every breath we breathe, every step we take, every service we render, every prayer we pray, every praise we bring is possible only by and him alone.

For without him — without all he is to us — we are nothing and we can do nothing. More and more, by the revealing work of your Spirit, awaken us to Christ alone — awaken your whole Church to Christ alone — so that increasingly he might become to us our all in all.”


I read this out loud then I prayed through it and I’m going to feast on it for the next week.

No matter how long you’ve known Christ may you be reawakened to ALL he is to you.

Christ is NOW


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