Bless the LORD, O My Soul

Psalms 103:2: “Bless the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits:”

David tells his soul to bless the LORD.  How do you bless the LORD?  Do you ever tell your soul to bless the LORD?

I guess that depends on what you mean by bless.  When we worship we say we’re blessing the LORD but do you ever stop and ask yourself what bless really means? The word used here in the Hebrew is barak which comes from a Semitic root meaning to knee down.

In ancient cultures, you knelt before someone that was higher in rank than you, a person you wished to show respect to. As a king, David was used to people kneeling before him.

In Psalm 103:2 – King David is telling his soul to bow before God.  Picture us coming before God on our knees bowing to Him. We may physically bow to Him yet is our soul bowing to Him?  Remember the old tradition when a man proposes marriage to a woman he gets down on one knee.

Why does he do it? It’s a snapshot of barak(ing) he’s blessing his beloved.  He’s showing her that he wants to give his heart and soul to her.  Do you see this is what David is telling his soul to do before God, to give his spirit, soul, and body to God entirely.

David, as a king, people bowed down to him all the time, he was able to tell if it was just put on for the show, and he could tell if someone’s heart and soul were in their gesture. 

This is probably why David is telling his soul to barak, bow down, before God.  Just as the man proposed to his sweetheart, he wishes her to know this is coming from his heart and soul so he makes his proposal barak, on bended knee.

One thing we can give God is something that He cannot get from us on His own, by demanding or forcing us. It’s something even as the God of the Universe, who created everything, can’t get without us freely choosing to give our heart and soul to Him.

“He can’t command it, or order it or threaten us if we don’t love Him. If we love him out of a threat, that is an empty love and in fact not love at all. We all know the old saying: “You cannot make someone love you.” God has given us a free will, a will to choose if we will love Him or not.”

When we worship we can do all the outward signs, raise our hands, clap our hands, sing the songs of praise, tell God we love Him, but like David, let it all come from our souls, we need to speak to our souls to bless God.  Because worship and love has to come from our souls.


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