What Are Examples of Inauthenticity?

Today we’ll look at the finer points of living an authentic life. So what happens when we fail to be authentic to our real self?

Do you know someone who seems to be out of touch with who they are on the inside? Maybe you know a lot of people like this. Some have never bothered to get in touch with their own feelings. Some have never explored their own thoughts to any great extent.


Perhaps they just stop at what they see or hear and don’t dive into any deeper examination. They don’t draw associations or look for patterns or explore outcomes or have any long-term beliefs about things.

Practicing this type of a flexible mindset is one way to become clear on what you think is important and how you would go about things if given the choice.

Maybe your walk through life has put you in touch with people who unfortunately lack confidence and feels bad about themselves. People call that low esteem and people throw that term around a lot but what does it mean to lack a strong sense of self?

What’s an example of someone being inauthentic? It could be that when it comes time to speak up about something important, that person might choose to stay silent and pretend to go along with the group.

This person never bothers to voice their opinion and therefore never gets what they want because they don’t have the courage to ask in the first place.

Another example of being inauthentic is when a person cultivates a self-image that is completely phony and meant strictly for surface appearance and recognition. Many people are like this, unfortunately.

The truth is that deep down they’re likely very unhappy. They might be the kind who spend all of their hard-earned money trying to keep up with material things in the hope of achieving social status.

Maybe they live in a fancy house with all of the fancy things that they secretly dislike taking care of and spending all their money on, but they do it in the hope of being liked by others. Or maybe they do it because they think that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Inauthenticity is also seen in people who stay at jobs that make them miserable. They believe that this is the only way for them to live a decent life and support themselves.

They might spend their days struggling against the grain, feeling like they don’t fit in, and knowing that their skills are not suited for the job they perform but not recognizing a way to fix this for themselves.


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