Support Your Own Relationship with Christ to Live an Authentic Life

What aspects of your life can you work on in support of your relationship with Christ?

Your relationship with Christ may come to you in fits and starts. At first, you may not know where to begin. However, once you take the first step, things will fall gradually into place over time.

It may start with something simple, like speaking to Christ about things that are important to you, as you listen to what He wants to communicate. From there you can continue to change and grow in a positive way. Just like any thriving relationship, it takes time to get to know someone better.


Being authentic has a lot to do with how we convey ourselves to Christ and others. Many people spend their entire lives trapped inside of their own heads for fear of rejection. They may have never taken the time to find out what they truly think about things. Instead, they spout out words that came from other people which they are simply mimicking.

Once you become aware of how easy it is to form your own opinions and speak honestly about them to Christ, without worrying about how He might judge or criticize, you can become a flowing river of truth. Jesus is the truth and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.

Emotional connection in relationships

Learn to communicate from the heart. In doing this, you’ll open the door to deeper and more meaningful connections with not only Jesus but other people. Being able to speak in grace and love in a thoughtful and thorough manner, without offending or demeaning anyone else is a gift and a blessing.

Once you comprehend this ease in relating, you’ll begin to attract like-minded souls who can truly appreciate you for who you are.


What is self-development anyhow? It has to do with taking the time to hone your interests, broaden your knowledge, master various abilities, and maybe even grow into a volunteer within your church, neighborhood, or other areas of life.


Get clear on what it requires to live authentically, with your own, inner Christ compass assisting you in the form of imaginative understanding and instinct. When we understand deep down what we’re skilled at and what fits with our dominant characteristics, we can finally look for a profession or occupation that deeply pleases us while making the very best use of our individual strengths.

Some individuals invest years waking up each morning to go to a task that does not alter who they are on the inside. Initially, it might seem like a battle to take your profession in a completely different direction. Yet a part of understanding who you genuinely are indicates the pleasure of checking out how you are best able to serve the world around you.

Your home base and chosen lifestyle

Pursue the life that most fits your character and choices. Individuals all have various methods. You might never ever have actually considered this, however, there are billions of individuals all over the world living in a manner which might be totally unfamiliar to you.

And yet those ways of living may have something to fit you if you put in the time to understand yourself more completely along with exploring your choices and understand the Holy Spirit is leading. This is what being authentic, being your own individual, is everything about.

Individual interests

It looks like we just have a minimal variety of hours every week to deal with pastimes and things that interest us. Still, these minor enjoyments are what makes life worth living.

So if you currently understand what causes you peace and joy, then you can deal with surrounding yourself with those unique things that speak to you.

It could be a sport that you like to play or a craft that you have actually mastered. Maybe you are a talented author or you take joy in singing or playing an instrument.

Perhaps travel is your thing, or possibly you’re passionate about painting or cooking or fishing or any variety of interests. Living authentically has to do with encouraging those leisure activities that bring you the best pleasure and fulfillment.


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