From a Fixed to a Growth Focused Mindset

Going from a fixed to a growth mindset can take some work. This is because habits and psychological tendencies can be extremely entrenched in our psyche. So we have to adopt best practices in order to observe what is truly possible.

One of the best ways to gain a growth mindset is to observe how the other half live, the richest 1% of society. You will find that they do not pay any attention to what is commonly written on the internet about best financial practices. They are in the mindset of wealth and they constantly expect wealth to flow.

However, for somebody who is used to watching every penny and budgeting all the time, it can be very difficult to accept this. Additionally, these people are usually born into wealth where they never picked up negative concepts surrounding financial acquisition.

If you could manage to spent some time with wealthy people, there high-growth mindset will rub off on you. It’s an easier way to live.

Even if you do not have a privileged upbringing, you can still adopt this mentality. Habit and repetition are key to cementing a growth orientated mindset.

So you could focus on growing your capital reserves significantly. Set a figure such as $200.00 and try to explore ways to increase your account.

This will be a combination of cutting back on certain expenses, visualizing different flows of income and the pile getting bigger, and concentrating on ways to increase revenue in general.

Either way, your focus has to be on your capital reserves getting bigger, not on being unable to afford things. Don’t try to justify your lack of growth – just focus on growth. Neither the universe nor other people care about your excuses. And you shouldn’t either.


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