“Connecting with God,

Family, and Friends”

Hi, I’m Cindy Warner

Welcome to my home online. I love to research anything and everything, host family and friends posts on Bible studies, devotionals, lifestyles, recipes, discipleship, the gospel, etc. and pass all these thoughts on to you.

Each week, I write my Friday Findings emails that are a collection of the insights I learn every week. From the latest journaling tips, to writing, and other things I’m currently learning about — I’m able to connect with other like minded people.

This website is a kaleidoscope of all my favorite things. My topics come in many different colors, between, dyslexia, breast cancer, biblical meditation, prayer, the Gospel, recipes, lifestyles, and decipleship.

Anyway, most of my topics circle around our connections with people, especially how connecting with others help us grow spiritually.

I’m on a mission to equip hundreds of individuals to have healthy connections with others, to share their ideas, and to create an online audience. I do that by giving people of all ages the tools to help them flourish in their relationships with others.

May you leave this site knowing how to connect with and network with God, Family and Friends who share the same desire for healthy connections.

Connecting Hearts Together,

Cindy Warner

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